The TSHA Hall Of Fame

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Hall Of Fame Entries are listed alphabetically, by first name:

"A to F" Hall of Fame Entries


Casey Lambert

Todai student and rocket scientist going to work for NASA...Casey was clearly just a little smarter than your average TSHA player.

Plus, he was a real skater, snow boarder and all round cool counter culture dude.

Casey also happened to be the TSHA’s best ever goalie who lead the TSHA to their first ever tournament victory...

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"G to M" Hall of Fame Entries

Image: as_george

George McCray

With his trademark Boston Bruins jersey, George could most often be found behind the play yelling coaching advice such as "The man's stick must be lifted!".

He was instrumental in making sure that people showed up for games and that all the equipment was there.

George was a founding member of the TSHA and we regret he couldn't stay longer to watch it grow.

We know he regrets having to leave this town...

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"N to S" Hall of Fame Entries

Image: as_sawako_2

Sawako "Honey Bunch" Nakayasu

Sawako was smart in a Mark Twain kind of way. She wrote poetry in English and Japanese, being fully bilingual and having her degree in literature. Or poetry, or something.

Sawako led by example, and was one of the few women who was undeniably as good or better than a lot of the men playing. So we resented her for emasculating us, and all it earned her was the same level of cold discomfort that the male players have in each other's presence.

She fucking hated being called "honeybunch"....

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"T to Z" Hall of Fame Entries

Image: as_tony

Tony Costas

Weighing in at no more than fifty kilos, and most of it in the form of pure kinetic energy, Tony is the TSHA's all time scoring and assists leader. Usually games would be determined by Tony's determination to win, and it wasn't often that he wasn't determined.

Off ice, his take on life was distinctive, notably for his appreciation of the finer things in life, like the cheerleaders at baseball games in the Dominican Republic.

In a way, he was like a smaller, faster, politically incorrect Gretzky...

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