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Geoff "Detroit" Sypitkowski

Image: hof_detroitgeoff

Detroit Geoff was as huge as he was gentle. A hulking player who made his imposing presence known to all us smaller mortals in the TSHA. Detroit played several seasons with the TSHA before having to return to his native USA. We know he misses Tokyo life and Sunday afternoon ball hockey.

George "The Man's Stick Must be Lifted" McCray

Image: as_george

With his trademark Boston Bruins jersey, George could most often be found behind the play yelling coaching advice such as "The man's stick must be lifted!". He was instrumental in making sure that people showed up for games and that all the equipment was there. George was a founding member of the TSHA and we regret he couldn't stay longer to watch it grow. We know he regrets having to leave this town...

Hanako "The Accountant"

Image: as_hanako

Hanako was by far the smartest person ever to play for the TSHA. With a brain the size of a planet, she showed (and rightly so), total contempt for all players of the TSHA (with the possible exceptions of the General and Blue). The juvenile males (who are many but will remain nameless) in particular, were constant targets of her well deserved contempt. Aside from her intellectual prowess off the ice, Hanako showed a determined will on it, and despite her limited hockey skills could be a definite offensive threat. We should just say thank you for putting up with us, we will miss you, and good luck with your business endeavors...and if you ever want to buy the TSHA...we are open to offers.

Since leaving the TSHA, Hanako has taken the reigns of a massive corporate entity, and may share a large portion of the blame for the financial meltdown of 2008. By her request, she asked her last name not be used, not for anonymity, but because she sold the rights to her name in order to recoup some losses.

Kyoko Masuda

Image: as_kyoko

In her two years of playing with us, Kyoko recovered from a vicious injury early in her playing career to become the top scoring Japanese female in TSHA history. When it came time to pick teams, Kyoko was the only female who would be chosen on equal terms with the rest of the guys. She could be relied upon to pick up the pass deep in the slot and find the back of the net. She also brought a suitable Japanese element to the game, shouting "Gomen ne!" when she missed a pass, and "Iya na yatsu!" when checked.

Mike "The Micronaut" Houle

Image: as_mikeh

Known as "The Micronaut " because of his modular joints. At least once a game, the guy would pop a joint out of its socket, and he'd have to be reassembled on the spot. Mike is the only gaijin guy to leave the TSHA without leaving Japan. His doctor advised that with his loose joints, if he played another game of hockey, he ran the risk of his head exploding clear off his neck, so he decided not to risk it.

Mike Treasure

Image: as_miket

The hardest shot to ever come through the TSHA. Because we don't really wear padding, slapshots are discouraged. That made no difference to Mike. He didn't have to wind up to transfer his power through his wrist and unleash a ball of death that no one wanted to stand in front of.

"Akasaka" Miki Kanehira

Image: as_miki

The weird thing about Miki is that she hated playing with us. She didn't like any of the guys, she really hated Dave, and she was uncomfortable about just about everything and anything we ever talked about. We teased her a lot because it was fun getting reactions out of her, and she seethed with resentment at all of it. And yet, she came every Sunday for years.

And she wasn't that bad of a hockey player. One thing about Miki, she wasn't afraid to get right in there. Even if a dude as big as Detroit Geoff was barrelling down the middle zone, she would stand right up to him and go for the puck.

Maybe hockey was just in her genes. Her two brothers play ice hockey, and her grandfather uses a sawed off hockey stick shaft as a cane to walk around with. Seriously.

However, Miki abruptly gave up playing with us when it was explained to her that she was unlikely to meet guys for dating at hockey.

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