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Tai "The Spy" Desa


Tai DeSa was the TSHA's first real goalie. And perhaps first truly skilled player at any position. He was a standout at our first ever overseas expedition in 2003, the Mekong Cup, stopping most of a hail of shots that came his way thanks to our undermanned defense. He was also always jetting of to the Gulf to do secret US Navy stuff which he mysteriously refused to talk about which added a surreal "International Man of Mystery" air.

Tony Costos

Image: as_tony

Weighing in at no more than fifty kilos, and most of it in the form of pure kinetic energy, Tony is the TSHA's all time scoring and assists leader. He had unbeatable speed, and impressive stick handling. Usually games would be determined by Tony's determination to win, and it wasn't often that he wasn't determined.

Off ice, his take on life was distinctive, notably for his appreciation of the finer things in life, like the cheerleaders at baseball games in the Dominican Republic.

In a way, he was like a smaller, faster, politically incorrect Gretzky.

"Nurse" Yuko Abe

Image: as_nurse_yuko

Nurse Yuko was, in fact, a nurse. Which is hot. Though to our regret she never wore the uniform when playing with us.

She was however, very cool, and actually did some nursing stuff. Like this one time a guy riding a scooter on the road near us wiped out because a kite had fallen near the road, leaving the string across the road way like a trip wire. Dude opened his head up on the pavement, and Nurse Yuko was there to get the guy sorted until the ambulance arrived.

When playing hockey, she was decent enough, and it was fun to team her up with Hot Pants Yuko so that we could collectively refer to them as "Yuko-tachi".

The best thing about Nurse Yuko was hanging out with her for drinks after hockey, because despite her fresh faced appearance of innocence, she was not afraid to go wherever the conversation led. She is famous for asking maybe the most scandalous question on TSHA record, which we can't even repeat here because she has a husband and child now, and we don't want to put anything on record that will mess her life up.

Last we heard: Yuko still lives in Tokyo, but got married and has a kid, so has better things to do than associate with the likes of us.

Yuko "Hot Pants" Hata

Image: hof_hpyuko

She played hockey, or something, maybe. Who knows. The thing that makes Yuko stand out is that the woman had one hell of a fine ass.

Her nickname, derived from quality of presention afforded by her sweat pants, foiled many a goal rush out of pure distraction.

Not to say that she didn't get right in the game. Yuko was an intrepid player who came down to the park regularly on a Sunday afternoon and put in a respectable effort. She was also right in the thick of things when it came to post-game drinks. There was no topic too taboo for Yuko.

Her “kotobukitaidan” (“happy leaving of the team due to marriage”) was a result of her leaving for Australia where, after much hunting in the outback, found a younger man to marry.

She is one woman who was glad to see the back of us. Almost as much as we were appreciative of seeing the back of her.

Last we heard: Yuko was still living in Australia, and claims her ass is looking even better for it.

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