How To Join

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To find out where we are playing each week, you should signup for the newsletter. You can sign up here

Here's how it works:

1. Register your preferred email with the site (register here) . Many people sign up their mobile address so they can check details on the move.

2. You will receive a newsletter every week that gives the details on the next night of hockey, a recap from the last night, and potentially some other well-written items.

3. Read the game details and show up at the appropriate venue.

A few points worth mentioning:

- If you do not intend to come, then do not email to say so. Sometimes people write in to say "I won't be there". Your intention to keep us informed is appreciated, but because we are trying to set up a system that is as automatic as possible, it would work a whole lot better if you only wrote in when you intended to come. So thanks for trying to be helpful, but only email when you want to play.

- If you are not registered, you can still come play.

- If you want to inform us of you presence or absence, please do.

- Outdoor games may be canceled due to rain. This is a game day decision in most cases. The "Game on/off" message will be sent 90 minutes before game time at the latest. So keep your eye on your mail if it's cloudy. Also, this mail may suggest alternative plans, such as drinks somewhere central.

- Be Sure Our Emails Don't End Up In Your Junk Mail Folder. Nine times out of ten, when someone signs up and they aren't seeing our emails, it's because their spam mail filter catches our mails. If you've signed up and you don't seem to be getting our mail, make sure it's not just that your spam filters are stopping us from getting through.

- All emails that come from us will have [TSHA] in the subject line. So that might help you mark our emails as acceptable to your spam filter if need be.

Got all that? Great! Then sign on up and come down to play!

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