Nominate Someone For The Hall Of Fame

The TSHA has been around since 1996, and a lot of characters have come and gone. We'd like to say a little something about each of them, but we don't necessarily have all the pictures we'd like, or remember everyone that we should.

How To Nominate Someone

If you'd like to nominate someone, please get in touch through the contact page, and let us know. Note that the first thing we're going to ask is if you have a picture of that person. So have a picture (in JPEG format please) on the ready. Note that the picture doesn't have to be of them playing hockey, it just has to be of the person, and that they wouldn't mind that picture of them being used.


Ideally, it would be nice if you offered something to say, though we'll edit it up and say something because we're the type of people who can't resist saying stupid things about people.

Something to keep in mind is that to be in the Hall Of Fame, the person needs to have officially retired from the TSHA, and they have to have made an impression. It's best if the impression they made has nothing to do with hockey, but if they were a good player, that's okay too.

Suggest Edits

Also, if you'd like to suggest a change to anything said, or add to a Hall Of Fame profile, that's cool too. We're always open to suggestions.


Some people we'd like to put in the Hall Of Fame but don't have any evidence of their ever having been with us are:

TSHA "Original Six" members:

Lars from Pittsburgh (Last name unknown. Showed up the first day we played)

Victoria (Last name unknown. Lars's girlfriend, at least for a while. Also showed up first day)

McFarlane (First name unknown. Another original six member who was with us for a while)

There was another guy with a San Jose Sharks jersey on the first day, but I don't think he ever came again, so he didn't really leave an impression.

Other people

"The Donut" (It was a nickname he gave himself.)