The TSHA does take your email address for our RSVP System, and possibly for other purposes related to the web site. And so, because you trust us with your email address or other details, we have a privacy policy.

Our privacy policy is very simple. We do not share your contact information or personal details with anyone, ever. We do not even share information about members with other members.

With our RSVP system, it is a closed, moderated list, which means you will only receive emails directly from the TSHA organizers. In other words, other members on the list can not send to the rest of the list. And, your email address will remain completely private. Any details you give to us is used only for the purpose of keeping you informed about our games so you can join us for some street hockey. We do not share any of this information with anyone, period. We do not even give member information to other members.

On the forum, users can contact each other through the forum's internal messaging systems, but in this case as well, each member's personal contact information is hidden unless a user specifically chooses to display it.

If you have any concerns about how your contact information is handled by the TSHA, please contact us .