Street Hockey Report for Monday 14th July 2014

1. GAME OFF - Friday 7/18, 8-10pm in Musashi-Urawa

We didn't get enough signups for this Friday, so the game is off. See below for a backup plan.

2. Friday 7/18, 7:30pm-? Beer in Central Tokyo

If you would like to go for a drink on Friday in order to (A) do something to fill the void in your evening/life left by a cancelled night of hockey and (B) help me forget this hellish month, please sign up by 11pm on Wednesday, July 16th. I will email the details on Thursday night.

3. Emails from February-June?

I am looking for someone who has a record of the email notices that I have sent out this year from February to June. By notices, I mean any the newsletters (like this one) along with any short Game on/off notices. If you have some or all, please let me know asap.

4. Want Hockey in the Summer (July-Sept)? Please help find a venue.

Just a heads up - hockey may be tough to come by over the next few months. Musashi-Urawa will be too hot, Hodogaya is likely not an option, and Mizue is up in the air.

I am looking into our options, but in all honesty, my time is extremely limited at the moment, so please don't expect much. If you have any suggestions about where we may be able to play, please send me a few photos of the spot and a GoogleMap link. If you are able to contact those responsible for renting/monitoring the location, got for it and then let me know what they say.




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