Street Hockey Report for Monday 19th October 2015

SPECIAL NOTE: I got an email from George McCray, one of the original six TSHA alums. He's shipping me some footage from 1997 which I suspect Paul Robertson won't want you to see. I'll keep you posted

1. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: A great night of hockey on Friday Octboer 16. It featured the returns of a myth and a legend. First the myth... Boston Rob, he of the 3 meter wingspan and the 2.5 meter stick, is now confirmed to still be in Japan dispelling rumors to the contrary. All it took to get him back was an email and a decent day at the office. Anyway it was great to welcome Rob back. He beat poor goalie Chris Jones every which way for about 6 goals, but let's face it, Rob does that to everybody. There was a tense moment when he thought I might have tripped him and he looked at me in a very disappointed way but it passed when I told him it was one of the girls. The legend: Marek made his annual pilgrimage from Singapore to Ebina and turned out for hockey. Great to see him but probably not a great idea to team him up with Boston Rob. Left us little guys nowhere to run. We had a turnout of 17 which was great. We got in 5 games, all won by the black team, mostly close. Perfect weather had the rink cool and comfortable. In addition to Rob and Marek, Derek (formerly from Nagoya) joined us and brought Tetsu, a first timer. Another first timer Mark claimed to be a Canadian who had never played the game before so we let him float along with our female players. This backfired on team white when he scored a goal. That ended the floating. Tetsu and Derek had goals as well. In fact Derek had at least two and they were rockets. Ted Hunter had the longest goal of the game flipping a rink long bouncing shot at net with a funky spin that eluded Masa (and me who had two chances to tip it). Player of the week honors go to my white teammate Dave Gutteridge who had almost as many goals as Boston Rob. At one point he had all of our goals in fact. For a night, Dave was a finisher. I think its because he gave up being a vegetarian. We ended with a few Aki Aji beers (thanks Scott!) at the no name combini at Kita Toda station and went home. Check out 'isitchad' on twitter to see the drunken passed out salarymen we photographed on the way home


2. GAME ON for Friday, October 30, 8-10pm at Musashi-Urawa.

- Address: Saitama-ken, Toda-shi, Bijyogi 1-chome-8 (埼玉県戸田市美女木1丁目8)

- Map:

- Getting there: Meet at Musashi-Urawa station, West Exit at 7:30-7:45 and split taxis. If you find yourself alone, follow the signs to the taxi queue and tell the taxi driver "Bijyogi i-chome no 7-11" or show him the address above. Beware there is also a 7-11 in Bijyogi ni-chome!!!!

Or you can walk to the rink from Musashi-Urawa or Kita-Toda station in about 15 minutes.

- Games: We aim for 4-5 games, usually first to 5 goals wins

- Jerseys: Please bring both a white and a dark shirt to play in.

- Cost: 2500 yen per player. Goalies, gals and first timers are 500yen.


3. The Future of the TSHA: 10 Dates to Remember

Here are our hockey dates for the next several months. All are confirmed and all will be "Game On." Appreciate an email if you are coming but we have prepayed and we will be playing each and every one of these nights. Prepayment means it will never cost more than JPY 2,500 ever again. it also means we can't change the dates so please turn up!!

October 30; November 6; November 20; December 4; December 18; January 22; February 19; March 4; April 1; April 15


4. Yamato Cup(s): TWO FOR ONE.... The rink is booked on weekends through February of next year so no Yamato Cup in the near future. But I'll not let the Yamato Cup die on my watch so Yamato Cup 2015 will be held in Musashi Urawa all day Sunday March 20, 2016. And Yamato Cup 2016 will be held the usual time: Sunday October 9, 2016. (Both are 3 day weekends) Save the dates!


5. Hockey in Hodogaya?? I had a couple of inquiries from players who can't make it to Saitama wondering if we could revive hockey in Hodogaya. (Yokohama) Boston Rob has lost his privileges but could potentially get them back. Write in if you have interest. Games would typically be Sunday afternoons 3 on 3 on the roof of the neighborhood rec center


6. Nagoya vs. TSHA: Our new friend Derek hails from Nagoya. Check the right side of the home page under "Tournaments" to find out that long ago the TSHA traveled to Nagoya, got drunk, won the tournament and got drunk again. WE WERE NOT INVITED BACK. Well apparently the ban is off because Derek and his Nagoya hockey buddies have extended an invitation for hockey in Nagoya. Anybody interested in joining us for the trip please let me know. We will probably shoot for a 3 day weekend. If we can pull it off, we will make it a homa and home series. Email with your interest.


7. PARTY FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13: The Tokyo Canadians are celebrating their 20th year anniversary in style at Club Rex in Roppongi. Canadians' events attract 200 interesting people from all walks of life in Tokyo. It's a great chance to meet new people, talk hockey, and get out on a Friday night.

The venue has a limited capacity, so buy your ticket from Chris Colucci soon. E-mail:

WHAT: Tokyo Canadians 20th Anniversary Party

DATE: Friday, November 13th

TIME: 8:00pm - 10:30pm

WHERE: Club Rex in Roppongi (3-14-11 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo 106-0032)

COST: 4,000 yen for 2.5 hours of all-you-can-drink



Our friends at Good Heavens in Shimkitazawa are trying something new. American comedian Graham Elwood will be performing live November 1st @ 7pm. JPY 2000 ticket cost includes your first drink. Tickets are available directly from the bar in advance or at the door. Join Dave G., Ted and I for this event- wear a hockey jersey and either Ted or I will buy you a drink. There is also a showing of of Elwood's new podcast documentary 'Ear Buds' at 3 o'clock the same day. More details can be found at this link.

Hope to see you there

That is all for this week. Remember it's not about the hockey (and that's ok)




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