Street Hockey Report for Monday 28th March 2016

1. Yamato Cup Recap Sunday March 20, 2016

After a good night of warmup hockey that saw 21 players drop by on Friday night, 14 games of hockey were played between 5 teams last Sunday March 20. No team escaped the round robin with an unblemished record. Pre-tournament favorites The Nanashi Boyz captained by Dennis Ota took the Golden Godzilla after a hard fought final over Colin Kozik's JSBHF squad who pulled in the Silver Gamera. Scott Maltby's TSHA team limped into third place on the strength of a pair of Japanese imports on defense Tomo and Takasaki san. They took home "the turd" place prize- a bronzed larval stage Mothra. Nagoya A finished fourth and Nagoya B rounded out the group in fifth. Thanks to all 51 players who participated. Thanks also to the scoreboard and timer volunteers, the goal judges, assistant referees and captains from all the squads. (That includes the aforementioned plus Julie Eguchi and Derek Hartwick for Nagoya A and Jeff Warhus and Mark Lavers (IR)for Nagoya B. Finally a big thank you to TSHA Hall of Famer Mike Treasure who reffed every game and was appropriately paid in beer. It was a beautiful day filled with good competition and great hockey. In particular, the goaltending from every team sparkled all day long

Some individual awards were also earned:

1. Top Scorer: Christopher Colucci (F), Nanashi Boyz

2. Top Defenseman: Craig Irish, JSBHF

3. Top Goaltender: Rob Piazza, JSBHF

4. MVP: Aaron McCain (G), Nanashi Boyz

Not an official award, but worthy of note- Goal of the Tournament goes to Risa (Nanashi Boyz)for a score that saw her dive across the crease swiping in the ball while sprawled at the feet of the goaltender.

We had 28 people at our Post Game event at Good Heavens English Bar in Shimokitazawa, the official bar of the TSHA.

Can't wait for the 10th Anniversary Yamato Cup on Saturday October 8th 2016. Mark your calendars

2. GAME ON for Friday, April 1, 8-10pm at Musashi-Urawa.

- Address: Saitama-ken, Toda-shi, Bijyogi 1-chome-8-2


- Map:

- Getting there: Meet at Musashi-Urawa station, West Exit at 7:30pm and split taxis. We start at 8:00pm sharp so if you find yourself alone, follow the signs to the West exit taxi queue and tell the taxi driver "Bijyogi i-chome no 7-11" or show him the address above. Beware there is also a 7-11 in Bijyogi ni-chome!!!!

Or you can walk to the rink from Musashi-Urawa or Kita-Toda station in about 15 minutes.

- Games: We aim for 4-5 games, usually first to 5 goals wins

- Jerseys: Please bring both a white and a dark shirt to play in.

- Cost: 2500 yen per player. Goalies, ladies and first timers are 500yen.

If you have not RSVP'd please do. In any case Game On!


3. Future Hockey- April 1, April 15, April 29, May 6, May 20, June 3, June 17, July 1 are all confirmed GAME ON at Musashi Urawa. More dates to follow soon


4. Yamato Cup T-Shirts.... I've got more available. They run small. I have a few left. There are a handful of XL's and a bunch of XXL's which are really the equivalent of L and XL. Check out the image on the facebook page- they are cool. JPY 1500 each. If you are sitting outside Japan wishing you had one, contact me and we can make it happen


5. Anyone interested in traveling to Hong Kong to play in the 1st Annual Asia Championships sponsored by the ISBHF (the international governing body of ball hockey)the weekend of November 11-13, let me know ASAP. We need to commit by 10th of April to be guaranteed a slot. Need 5-6 additional players.

Until next time, remember it's not about the hockey.




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