Street Hockey Report for Tuesday 4th March 2014

1. GAME OFF - Friday, March 7...and a minor rant

Unfortunately, we did not get enough people signed up by the deadline.

Just an FYI on this deadline, the Musashi-Urawa rink 'needs' 7 days notice or we start getting charged X percent of the cost for the 2 hours. So, for Friday hockey, I have to set the deadline as the Wednesday or Thursday of the week before the week in which we play hockey. Yes, it's confusing, and it makes me want to smash something.

So, if you are able to sign up before the deadline to help us ensure that we meet the body count threshold, please do. If you are unsure of your commitment and sign up after the deadline, that is fine, just note that it doesn't impact the body count for calling the game on or off.

- - - - - - - - - -

2. Sign up for Sunday, March 16, 1-3pm in Hodogaya

- DEADLINE for sign up - 8pm on Monday 3/10

- Location: Hodogaya Sports Center, Yokohama

- Map:

- Website:

- Getting there: The closest station is Hoshikawa. The others are Tennocho and Hodogaya. Give yourself about 10-15 minutes to walk from any of these stations to the sports center. Boston Rob should arrive a little earlier to pay the rink fee. Once you arrive, go directly to the locker rooms, change, then go to the 4th floor rink.

- Games: First to 5 goals wins. Repeat until time is up.

- Jerseys: Bring both a white and a dark shirt

- In case of rain: If it is raining in Yokohama, then hockey is off. If it's questionable, I will send a mail around 11:00am.

- Cost: Should be 500-1000yen/person, but it depends on how many people show up.

- Contact:

- Other: Lockers and showers are free. The locker room is a little small, so put your sticks off to the side when you are changing so other patrons don’t kill themselves.

- Beer: Likely around Yokohama Station.

- - - - - - - - - -

3. Sign up for Friday, March 21, 4-6pm in Musashi-Urawa

- DEADLINE for sign up - 8pm on Thursday 3/13

- SPECIAL NOTE - This is a national holiday, so we will play earlier that usual so we can head to an izakaya afterwards.

- Address: Saitama-ken, Toda-shi, Bijyogi 1-chome-8 (埼玉県戸田市美女木1丁目8)

- Map:

- Getting there: Meet at Musashi-Urawa station, West Exit at 3:30-3:40 and split taxis. You can walk from Musashi-Urawa or Kita-Toda station. Some buses go near the rink.

- Games: Aim for 4 games (3 games of 2x10min periods, 1 game of 3x8min periods).

- Jerseys: Please bring both a white and a dark shirt to play in.

- Cost: Should be about 2500-3000yen per player. Goalies and gals are 500yen.

- Beer: Yes. This is an early day of hockey planned entirely around getting beer afterwards.

- - - - - - - - - -

4. Schedule until October

For those of you who like to make longer-term plans, here is the tentative schedule from now until October. It is obviously subject to change, especially the games in Hodogaya and Mizue since there is no guarantee that we can reserve them.

- Sunday 3/16, 1-3pm, Hodogaya

- Friday 3/21, 4-6pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Friday 4/4, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Sunday 4/13, Time TBD, Hodogaya

- Friday 4/18, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Sunday 4/27, Time TBD, Mizue

- Friday 5/2, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Sunday 5/11, 1-3pm, Hodogaya

- Friday 5/16, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Sunday 5/25, Time TBD, Mizue

- Friday 6/6, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Sunday 6/15, Time TBD, Hodogaya

- Friday 6/20, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Sunday 6/29, Time TBD, Mizue

- Friday 7/4, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Sunday 7/13, Time TBD, Hodogaya

- Friday 7/18, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Sunday 7/27, Time TBD, Mizue

- Friday 8/1, 8-10pm, Mizue

- Sunday 8/10, Time TBD, Hodogaya

- Friday 8/15, 8-10pm, Mizue

- Sunday 8/24, Time TBD, Hodogaya

- Friday 8/29, 8-10pm, Mizue

- Friday 9/5, 8-10pm, Mizue

- Sunday 9/14, Time TBD, Hodogaya

- Friday 9/19, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Friday 9/26, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Saturday 10/4, 9am-6pm, Musashi-Urawa(The YAMATO CUP!)

- Sunday 10/12, Time TBD, Hodogaya

- Friday 10/18, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- - - - - - - - - -

5. Yamato Cup is on Saturday October 4th. Care to help out and/or play?

As you may have seen in the schedule above, the Yamato Cup will return in October. This year it will be held on the first weekend of October instead of the October long weekend. There are two reasons for this: (1) Some of our guys always go on vacation on the long weekend and never get to join the tournament, and (2) Singapore, HK, Korea, China, and a few other places have national holidays that surround that weekend, so it could help us get one or two of those teams over here to play...keep your fingers crossed...

If you are able to help out with the event before, during, or after, please let me know.

- - - - - - - - - -




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