Sunday Hockey

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The TSHA began playing pick up games on Sunday afternoons in 1996. We have played at a number of locations around or near Tokyo. Presently we play in Yokohama at the Hodogaya Sports Center (web site and map ).

Since the start time varies and we don't play every Sunday, we recommend you sign up for our (almost) weekly newsletter here: Join the TSHA . The newsletter will have info on Sunday hockey and other games. As well, if you are on the mailing list and the game is cancelled last minute you will get a notification.

For Sunday hockey, we may call the game off if we don't get enough interest. So, if you'd like to play, you should sign up via email or through the contact page by the Monday prior to the Sunday we will play (for example, if we play on Sunday the 7th, then you'd need to sign up by Monday the 1st). Depending on the number of sign ups, we will send out a game on/off notification around Wednesday of that week.

The cost depends on how many people show up, but it usually around 500-1000 Yen for two hours of 3-on-3 hockey. If you arrive late, just go to the locker room and change, then head up to the roof where the rink is. One of the players (likely Boston Rob) will collect money from you at some point.

Once people are there, generally we just throw the sticks in the middle and make teams on the spot. We usually like to divide the teams by color so it would be very helpful if you can one white and one black shirt in your bag when you come down...but if you don't have this collection of colors handy don't worry about it too much, we will figure something out...

This whole web site is dedicated to explaining what we do and what you need to get in the action, so please see our various information pages. Or, if you want to get right into the action, go to our Join the TSHA page to get onto the mailing list.

Sunday hockey is casual fun. If you're looking for a more structured, faster-paced games, then please join our Friday night ball hockey .