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The TSHA has participated in a few tournaments, and it's looking likely we'll continue to play at more in the future. Tournaments are always a good excuse to go to some terrible place outside of Tokyo (we think any place outside of Tokyo is substandard), and have a great time. And maybe even play some ball hockey.

Here you can find write ups on the tournaments we've attended in the past. Note that these are all tournaments outside of Tokyo, put on by other people. For the Yamato Cup, which is the tournament we put on, please go to the Yamato Cup page .

Canton Cup 2013

The TSHA sends one of it's largest teams to a tournament outside Japan, though without our own goalie. The primary objective of drinking and good times, however, was a complete success.

Canton Cup 2010

A few representatives from the TSHA went out to Hong Kong to mix it up.

Mekong Cup 2010

A return to where we had our first international tournament.

Korea 2009

A better showing over the previous year.

CCM Exhibition Tournament 2009

It was a battle of the goalies that the TSHA eventually lost in a shootout.

Sin City Shoot-Out - Las Vegas 2009

What happens in Vegas should probably stay in Vegas, except that we wrote about it here.

CCM Exhibition Tournament 2008

We had our asses handed to us by a bunch of young punks.

Kariya 2008

Our first trophy!

Korea 2008

We didn't make the finals, but we earned our first international win.

Mekong Cup 2003

Our first international outing.

Sushi Day 2000

It's nothing to do with hockey, but very little that we do is related to hockey.