Yamato Cup 2008 Second Harvest Japan Donation

This information came from the Second Harvest Japan web site, in their news section for November 28, 2008. The news section has a Japanese and English version.

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On October 11, 2008, The Yamato Cup , an international street hockey tournament held in Tokyo, a fundraising program was created where players asked friends and family to pledge money for each goal the player scored.

Members of the Tokyo Street Hockey Association (TSHA) and the Misconduct Hockey League (MHL) participated in the program, and raised raised 120,600 yen for Second Harvest Japan .

2008年10月11日、東京に行った「大和杯」 国際ストリートホッケー大会で、資金集めのキャンペーンをしました。参加したプレーヤーは友達と家族を一つずつゴールでお金が棋譜を申し出てくれました。

東京ストリートホッケー組(TSHA)ミスコンダクト・ホッケー・リーグ(MHL) のメンバーがキャンペーンを参加して、セカンド・ハーベスト・ジャパン のために120、600円を調達しました。

TSHA Participants were Paul Robertson (who had the honour of getting the most pledges), Chad Goble, Ted Hunter, Michel Van Ackre, and Dave Gutteridge. The MHL's Dennis Ota also participated, and, by scoring a whopping six goals, was the player to raise the most money individually.

Thanks to all players and sponsors who helped to raise money for a worthy cause, and we hope to build on this year's success to raise more money at next year's Yamato Cup.