Yamato Cup 2009 Second Harvest Japan Donation


On Saturday, October 10, 2009, members of the TSHA participated in their second year of raising money for Second Harvest Japan atThe Yamato Cup , an international street hockey tournament held each year in Tokyo.

Players got friends and family to pledge an amount of money per goal scored, so the more they scored, the more they raised.

This year, the TSHA raised 137,000 yen, which will help support Second Harvest Japan with some of their operational costs as they do much needed work in getting food to those in need, including the homeless, the working poor, orphans, elderly in need, women escaping abusive relationships, refugees, and anyone who needs a helping hand in getting their life on track. Second Harvest Japan does fantastic work in helping the needy without any religious affiliation or agenda, and the TSHA is enthused about doing what we can to help them out.

This year's fundraisers were:

Richard Fogarty (winner of the most raised award)

Chad Goble (winner of the most pledged per goal award)

Eric Chho (who came up with his own donation scheme based on team wins, since he was goaltending)

Yudai Tadaki

The Goodfliesh family - Greg, Brandon, and Crystal

Dave Gutteridge

Paul Kates

Chris Colucci

Michel Van Ackre

Paul Robertson

Gord Vanstone

Rob Onkenhaut

Thanks to all players and sponsors who helped to raise money for a worthy cause. We're going to try to raise more money in the next Yamato Cup , so please consider participating when the time comes by pledging money or scoring goals!